High School Services

What we do

Impulse Sport is happy to offer both sports-action photography and “team and individual” photography.

Why we’re different


There’s no getting lost in the corporate machine of team photos. We live and work in the community and care about our neighbors and families. We deliver the best work because it’s personal for us.


Whether you want to spread your teams out across a few days, have competing schedules or simply need a re-shoot, we are happy to accommodate any special scheduling circumstances that arise.

The highest quality

From color to consistency, we pride ourselves on our quality. We work in tandem with some of the nation’s most elite labs to give to you some of the finest products in the industry.

Quick turnaround

By handling files and processing in-house, we can  deliver products faster than national brands.

The largest product line

We have something for everyone. By utilizing on-line supplements we are able to offer one of the largest product lines of any team photographers without slowing down photo days.

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